Martha Baker
MarthaGrowing up in a wonderful loving family was such a blessing. Martha never doubted the love of her parents. Both Martha and her family were actively involved in a traditional denominational church for her whole childhood. Sadly, the truth that you are saved by grace and not works was not taught. By the time she went off to college, the thought of going to church on a Sunday morning was far from her thoughts. It seemed so senseless and meaningless. While attending the University of Minnesota, she met her future husband and through his sister, she was clearly presented what the Bible actually had to say about salvation. She’d never really thought about the path to heaven before, but assumed that since she hadn’t committed any “major” sins, she’d probably be okay. The Bible presented a different view, that salvation is not by works, because no one could ever be good enough, but that it is a free gift that must be received. Both Martha and her husband’s lives turned around as they decided to receive this gift and live their lives for the Lord.

After teaching elementary school for several years, she decided to stay home to raise her two children. She enjoyed those years and was thankful to be able to do so.

Martha has been involved in Bible studies, prayer groups, teaching children’s church, and seminars over the many years since becoming a follower of Christ. She has a passion to know the truth and help others to know it as well.

Sadly, 2009 was a tough year as her 30 year old son, Brian, died of cancer. For someone whose life had been relatively easy, this was something she never could have imagined. Thankfully he was married to a wonderful woman and had three beautiful girls so a bit of Brian is still here. Because of time spent studying the Bible and knowing God, her roots went deep into the rock that is Jesus Christ. Even though the thought came to give up on God, she never could because she knew there was no one else to turn to, only God.

She is thankful for her wonderful husband of 42 years, and for her family, whom she loves dearly: a daughter, daughter-in-law, two son-in-laws, and seven grandchildren. Outside of Bible studies, her favorite activities are time with her family, girlfriends, walking, pilates, biking and golf.